Happy New Year !

Pro-Nursing team wishes you and your family a wonderful festive season and a happy New Year 2016!

Pro-Nursing Symposium

On 24.06.2016 , Pro-Nursing will organize a symposium to enlarge the network of the stakeholders. The symposium will be hosted by the project partner, Beta Klinik, in Bonn. Within the symposium the results of the project will be presented to the potential stakeholders and also the keynotes speakers will address the latest challenges and technological advancements in nursing education and training. The symposium provides opportunity for interested and associated industry partners to introduce their products and for researchers and students to present their work-in-progress and research activities. The accepted abstracts will be presented in the poster session of the symposium and will be published in the digital booklet. Join to Pro-Nursing symposium!

Take part in Pro-Nursing Survey on Nursing Tasks

To better understand the knowledge and skills required for the nursing profession, we first need a thorough understanding of the task nurses perform in their job. This survey has the goal to validate the list of nursing tasks that we collected with the help of interviews and observations. For this we need your expertise!

Parent Project of Pro-Nursing obtained the EAPRIL Certificate of Best Research & Practice Project

The European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) has organized its annual conference at the University of Luxembourg from 24-27th November 2015, where Med-Assess and its decedent project, Pro-Nursing, has been presented at the opening and closing session in front of more than 480 participants, mainly researchers and practitioners from the (lifelong) learning domain. In the closing session, the Med-Assess project has received the certificate of "Best Research & Practice Project" (BR&PP). In addition to the EAPRIL- BR&PP certificate, the parent project of Pro-Nursing, Med-Assess, has obtained three certificates and acknowledgements as Winner of the Theta Award 2015 for Person-Job-Fit Innovation, "Best Practice" selected by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) for Grundtvig Award 2015 of Adult Education and Health and "Good Practice" selected by the NA-BiBB for the project of ?New Skills for New Jobs? in 2014. The great achievements of Med-Assess definitely encourage us to promote our research in the domain of nursing education and training.

Pro-Nursing Online Forum

In order to facilitate commutation in the nursing society, Pro-Nursing provides an on-line Forum where nursing students, nurses and supervisors can share their queries and exchange experiences e.g. job related challenges and concerns. Join us in Pro-Nursing Forum

Pro-Nursing team attended the symposium of "New Skills for New Jobs" organized by Na-BiBB

The project coordinator, Institute of Knowledge-Based Systems (University of Siegen), and Beta Klinik have presented Pro-Nursing in the workshop of "Future skill needs in nursing" with the Berlin symposium organized by the National Agency - Federal Institute for Vocational Training (NA-BiBB). NA-BiBB organized the symposium with the topic of "New skills for new employment opportunities / New Skills for New Jobs" (Europe 2020) in Berlin on September 21, 2015. The stakeholders in vocational education and the interested expert communities have been invited for building a network towards bridging the world of education and work.

Pro-Nursing has been acknowledged in an article published by IEEE Transaction on Emerging Topics in Computing

Pro-Nursing has been acknowledged in the article with the title of "An Ontology-based Approach for the Semantic Representation of Job Knowledge". The research team of the project have published an article in IEEE Transaction on Emerging Topics in Computing.

Pro-Nursing has been acknowledged in a book chapter published by Springer

Pro-Nursing has been acknowledged in a book chapter with the title of "An Ontology Matching Approach for Improvement of Business Process Management". The book of "Integrated Systems: Innovations and Applications" is edited by Prof. Madjid Fathi and published by Springer.

Med-Assess is the winner of Theta Award 2015

Pro-Nursing is the descendant of Med-Assess project which has been recently awarded as the winner of Theta Award 2015 for Person Job-Fit Innovation.

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