The nursing activities and tasks performed by a nurse in a hospital will be acquired by means of interviews with nurses as well as through the investigation of nursing resources, including but not limited to repositories, international databases and nursing protocols/standards. The delineation of tasks will be defined on the basis of the process- and job-analysis methodology. In this way we aim to populate the "Nursing Process Ontology" which is the repository of nursing processes.


Pro-Nursing aims to extend and enrich the "Nursing Domain Ontology" that was established in the Med-Assess project based on nursing job knowledge, skills and attributes. Pro-Nursing is therefore aimed at the relation between what a nurse must know on the job and how this relates to what she should learn in school. The project ultimately aims to find out whether there is any mismatch between "job knowledge requirements" and "job knowledge provision".

Pro-Nursing Application

Pro-Nursing provides a user-friendly and knowledge-driven web-based system for nurses, care givers, nursing supervisors and doctors to explicate the relation between that which nurses learn in schools and subsequent on the job-performance. Pro-Nursing empowers nurses to assess the appropriate knowledge for performing specific tasks, and supports the remediation of any missing job knowledge by the tailored identification and redressing any knowledge gaps.